How to succeed in a new position of the department head and enjoy other aspects of life?

Summary: This article will be especially beneficial for the professionals recently promoted to the department head, those occupying this position for a certain period of time, and those willing to go higher in their career. Discover how to make a plan of success, get ready for the unknown, reach your goals and live your life.

Any promotion is a confirmation of your skills and your talent. Your bosses value your contribution, trust you, give you the opportunity to develop and prove yourself. Please, try to remember this always; particularly when you are going to confront the first challenges of your new position. The realization that you’ve got this promotion for a good reason, will help you to become more resilient and enjoy your new responsibilities!

Another important point is that a promotion to the department head is in many cases a transition from an expert role to a leadership and management role. It opens up new horizons and possibilities. But it also increases the awareness of responsibility for the upcoming work, people and process optimization. All the knowledge, experience, skills and training that you have gained earlier, served as the reason and the foundation for choosing you for the position of the department head!

Department head: a challenge or a blessing?

Business case: I have recently worked with a client who has just been promoted to the position of the department head. Despite all his skills and expertise, some of his clients persistently ignored him, trying to contact a company’s CEO directly. He wanted to understand what he was doing wrong. Likewise, he searched for other, more proactive ways to conduct communication with such clients, while remaining in a calm emotional state. During our sessions we found out that he had certain issues with a particular type of people, namely those who had a very direct, even forceful style of communication. We developed a personalised set of communicative tools for him, using which he could define a type of a person he would deal with. He also learned how to approach any type of conversation strategically; how to conduct negotiations; how to sign a contract without a hint of stress. As a result of our sessions this newly appointed department head learned to communicate with most challenging clients and do his job without much stress.

After the initial excitement due to the promotion, comes the daily responsibility of organization, negotiation and decision making. On the examples of our clients, we see that some of them are plunged headlong into a new job. They are full of enthusiasm, strength, energy and self-confidence. They know for sure that they will do everything to achieve the desired result and, moreover, they know how to achieve it. But there are other stories as well. Those are the stories of the people who have become department heads, but they don’t really understand why they have been chosen. They doubt themselves, their abilities and are afraid to fail in this new role.

Overall, the beginnings of the new job, and particularly the one in the leadership or managerial role, can be really stressful. Although all prerequisites of the future job are usually known from the description of the position, many newcomers into the job face numerous questions connected with the implementation of their new functions.

What determines success in a new position?

Do you know that according to recent scientific research 60% of your success in the new position depends on your emotional intelligence, your social skills and your ability of self-control? What you would need now is to combine your technical knowledge and skills, which have gained you your new promotion with strategic thinking, self-management and management of other people. Department heads who manage to supplement their professional expertise with social skills and a good portion of emotional intelligence come out as winners: they successfully complete their targets, get new promotions, and successfully follow their career plan.

New challenges can easily become overwhelming without a plan: time runs out and by the end of the year everyone will be assessed. Target appraisals are drawn up for a year and if initially priorities and goals are set incorrectly, a whole year can be missed. To become a clear winner in this situation, you need a properly prepared and thought-through plan. It helps, of course, to be in the right place at the right time, but preparation is a key.

In other words, you may decide to master a complete set of all the skills IMMEDIATELY in order to be able to cope and not lose this opportunity. Unfortunately, life does not go linearly; neither does the work. Anything can happen: a crisis, problems in the family, divorce, illnesses of loved ones, problems within the team, with contractors, customers, etc. In order to cope with all this, you may want to have flexibility, the ability to restructure your plans, quickly find solutions and resources to cope with the situation.

We are all human beings. Sometimes on our way there are stones that you need to know how to remove and move on along the intended path to your goal in order to come out victorious.

To easily cope with everything, there are mentoring and coaching programs that allow you to develop a plan and have working tools and knowledge to follow, and ultimately implement your plans.

As a rule, our clients come to us even before they get promoted to the role of the department head or higher. They believe that it is better to invest in yourself now and be ready and feel confident when a new position comes their way. They want to have knowledge, skills, techniques that will help them get results, enjoy the process, stay healthy, while having time for themselves, their loved ones, and their hobbies. They want to lead the lifestyle, which is not limited only to work. Those who see this opportunity, receive tools for its implementation and achieve their goals.

And what about you? Are you willing to master your job and to go even higher in your career? Or is there something that holds you back? We are certain that you have all necessary technical skills and professional experience and you certainly deserve to be continuously successful! The only thing which might be needed is a little help to let your emotional intelligence and social skills flourish, establishing your resilience in the new leadership role!

In GrossLeadership we are happy to welcome you, listen to your worries and concerns and to work together on the plan and readiness for the unknown that helps you stay in the camp of the winners! Together with us you will go through all the challenges smoothly, meet your targets and get prepared for the next career level without abandoning your families, friends and hobbies. Write to us to get on the waiting list for the group training.

What tips and tricks do you have to share with the people who are in transition at the moment?

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players…”

(W. Shakespeare, As You Like It)

We believe that each and every one of us is not only a leading actor but first and foremost a writer of our own destiny. Overwhelmed by life events, we may unintentionally forget that we are the sole playwrights of our own lives. We may even unwittingly drop or lose the thread of our unfolding life story. Then, we start questioning ourselves and let others do the writing for us. Doesn’t this happen to all of us occasionally? The best thing we can do is to resume the leadership as soon as we can: only we should write the play of our life!

With the renewed confidence and new skills, we design new perspectives. Coaching and training are the best instruments we use to achieve this goal.




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